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Partner with the premier Cannabis Nurse Consultant in the MD/DC/VA area to make safe decisions about cannabis consumption

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Have You Been Overwhelmed By Cannabis Options?

  What type shall I take?

  Where to get cannabis?

  What questions shall I ask?

  How much shall I take?

  What is the best form to  take?

  How often shall I take it?

At MariCare Wellness we will teach you how to safely consume cannabis to reach your goals.

Cannabis Is An Amazing Yet Complicated Plant

I’ve helped thousands of people find relief from pain, depression, insomnia and even weight loss through the proper selection and consumption of cannabis.

I help patients, medical professionals and cannabis industry workers to understand how health, medicine and cannabis work together to produce amazing outcomes and results.

To learn more about how I can help you or provide your group with more training, schedule a consult with me.

Melinda Toussaint

Melinda Toussaint is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and owner of MariCare Wellness and MariCare Medical Consulting. She has consulted thousands of patients in the Washington, D.C. metro area for medical cannabis certifications. 

Melinda uses her wellness and cannabis training and expertise to help patients better understand the fundamentals of cannabis application to assist them with gaining therapeutic benefits from utilizing cannabis medicinally. Mrs. Toussaint has a passion for natural medicine and medicinal cannabis to help provide relief to various chronic conditions. 


Nickson Toussaint

Nickson Toussaint is a dispensary staff trainer with prior experience as a Assistant General Manager and Patient Services Manager at a dispensary.

He incorporates his prior management experience at Ritz Carlton to also train in the guest experience to increase patient satisfaction and retention rates.

Great experience. I recommended 5 of my family members here and I will recommend more. easy process. Mrs. Edmond and Mrs. Toussaint took care of my family! I’m happy I chose them!

Tina C.

How We Can Help At MariCare Medical Consulting

Medical Cannabis Consulting for Patients 

Choose the right strain in the right amount to improve the symptoms of your current health condition

Cannabis Education For Medical Professionals Training 

Understand the complexities of how cannabis works and helps so many different health conditions

Understanding Health Questions For Cannabis Industry Workers

Answer client questions and help them navigate the complexities of cannabis selection  

Keynote Speaking and Interviews

Interested in booking Melinda for your next event, workshop or interview?

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